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Choosing a Middletown Dentist Offering a Comfortable and Relaxing Experience

Oct 24

Most patients experience dental phobia, which is one of the main reasons they put off dental work. Fortunately, with Rockwell Dentistry in Middletown Township, NJ it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, our dental office specializes in sedation dentistry to ensure every patient has a comfortable experience throughout the dental procedure in Middletown Township.

We are well-versed in different types of sedation, including:

  • Nitrous oxide: Commonly referred to as laughing gas, we administer nitrous oxide using nasal masks. We regulate the amount of sedation provided and ensure that the effects wear off once the mask is removed by the Middletown  Dentist.
  • Oral conscious sedation: We administer the sedation through a pill that you ingest orally. You remain conscious and can respond to the dentist during the procedure.
  • IV sedation: We use IV sedation for lengthy procedures. It includes numbing agents that put patients to sleep and only wake up after the dental work is complete.

Here is how our sedation dentistry services benefit you.

Relief from Anxiety

Some people, especially kids, miss out on their dental appointments and avoid Dentist Middletown because of fear. Luckily, our Middletown dentist helps you overcome dental anxiety. This is through sedation procedures that help you relax throughout the dental visit.

Pain Relief

Some Dental Middletown procedures cause pain in the teeth and gums. However, with our sedation procedures, the pain is completely removed. In this case, the sedation agents relax your brain in a way that cannot detect pain.

Dental Procedure Efficiency

Sedation dentistry allows our dentists to work faster and more efficiently. This is because our patients are relaxed, and we do not have to worry about their comfort and reaction to the treatment. In addition, it allows us to work faster without compromising the quality of service of Dentists in Middletown.

Multiple Dental Procedures in One Visit

With Rockwell Dentistry, you can have all your Dental Middletown needs to be administered under one roof and in one visit. This is especially in cases of complex dental procedures that might induce stress and discomfort in patients. We use sedation dentistry to ensure you have a pain-free and comfortable experience. This way, we can do all the necessary dental work with fewer disruptions, saving you time and money.

Patient comfort is a priority at Rockwell Dentistry. We walk the extra yard to ensure you remain relaxed by using sedation dentistry for a pain-free and successful dental procedure. Please call us at (732) 706-1100 for a consultation or click on our website to learn more.

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